Selling in a Hot Market

Even with low inventory, it is important to make your home stand out from the competition to get buyers to choose your property at the price you are asking. Make a great first impression with curb appeal. Have the lawn and flower beds trimmed and weed free. A fresh coat of paint on the front door and a welcoming planter of summer flowers can help set the stage for your prospective buyers.

We’ve all heard that staging is important and it is. Staging isn’t just removing clutter and rearranging furniture; it is creating an environment that lets the buyers imagine themselves living in. Even people that are not highly organized can have a vision of how neat and tidy they will be able to keep things if they lived in your home that have a place for everything and everything is in its place.

Don’t forget an often overlooked part of getting your home ready to market – The Smell. Pets, cooking or smoking can all produce strong, lingering odors that can be a big turn off for potential buyers. Be sure to address these issues before opening your door to prospective buyers because you only get one chance to make a great first impression!

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Outdoor Entertaining Spaces Can Add To Your Homes Value!

Living in the Southwest means that there are so many extra days when the weather begs for outdoor entertaining. It also means that there are plenty of days when you just don’t want to heat up the kitchen. Enhancing your back patio or deck with some of the great outdoor kitchen equipment that is available in today’s market will add to the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces, save time when cooking for a crowd and can also add value to your property.

Check out the below articles for help in deciding which items you would like to include in your backyard.

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Mayfest – A Great Family Festival

The storm clouds have been brewing in North Texas, just another indication spring is here and that means Mayfest isn’t far away.  This annual festival on the banks of the Trinity River offers something for everyone.  It is a wonderful family friendly event.

The Children’s Area offers a variety of activities for ages 3 – 12.  Children can make a Mother’s Day card for the special “Mom” in their life, dig for dinosaur eggs, and make their own homemade rainsticks just to name a few of the twenty activities.  Nourish your little one’s creativity and imagination while they have hours of fun and best of all this area if free!

Older children won’t be bored with the Riverfront, The Zone with its Human Maze, and Sports area offering activities for the teens and tweens.

Looking for entertainment?  7 stages – 3 for live music and 4 for dance and performing arts fill the bill.  Watch youngsters perform their dance moves or listen to bands for every musical taste.  Stroll through the park and check out the Art and Gift Market or just people watch.

What would a festival be without food?  You don’t have to wait for the State Fair to enjoy Fletcher’s Corny Dogs as they are now a fixture at Mayfest.  Roasted Corn, Turkey Legs, Funnel Cakes, Cajun food, Greek food, ice cream and the list goes on.  You are bound to find something to tickle your taste buds.

Check out the Great American Duck Races, Cowtown Wakeboarding on the Trinity and the FLIPPENOUT Extreme Trampoline Show.

Whether young or young at heart this is the place to be the first weekend in May.  So do yourself a favor and put Mayfest on your calendar for May 5 – 8.  You won’t be disappointed!

For a complete list of activities, schedules, and general festival information visit the Mayfest website .

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Spring Cleaning

Spring is almost here and before our lives get too hectic it is time to partake in the ritual of spring cleaning.  What a wonderful sense of accomplishment you get when you walk into a room that has been thoroughly cleaned and organized.  

Clutter is out of control in my house at the moment and so I’m on a mission to take back my environment  room by room, closet by closet and drawer by drawer.  I am a very visual person and I like lists – they make me feel more organized and in control.  I found a great website with some room by room cleaning checklists as well as some ideas on taming the clutter that I hope will be useful to you.

Make a plan – tackle a room a day, or over several days depending on time available and the amount of work needed, to weed out, pare down, organize and clean.  When you are finished you’ll have given yourself the gift of time . . . to enjoy your home and the activities of spring and summer without the guilt of feeling you should be home cleaning.  A clean and organized space is much easier to keep clean if you will just put things back where they belong and do a little bit each day saving even more time to enjoy your life. 

If you are thinking about selling now is time to pare down.  Get rid of things you don’t want or need.  Have a garage sale, donate to charity, give to a friend or relative, or just throw away if it is in poor condition.  Can’t part with it just yet – box it up, date it and put in the garage or a storage unit.  If you haven’t missed or needed it in six months to a year get rid of it, as it is no longer needed in your life.  A well-organized and clean space is much more appealing to buyers.  Rooms and closets look larger.  Buying a home is part emotional and a well-organized and clean home can make buyers feel like this is they way their life will be if they buy this home.  Help them envision a clean and spacious home and your property will be at the top of their list.

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Spring is Just Around the Corner!

First Signs of Spring

First impressions count.  Landscaping adds to curb appeal and the overall value of a property.  It is an important factor when trying to sell your home and making your property stand out from other comparable properties in the area. 

Spring is just around the corner, and if you live in Fort Worth, Texas it is actually here.  Now is the time to get your landscaping in order for the growing season.  Here are a few suggestions to get you on your way to a lovely, well-kept yard that will enhance the value of your property.

  1.  Clean up all of the left over leaves from your flower beds.  While they may have provided mulch for the cold winter weather, they don’t add that polished look to your flowerbeds.  If you want to use them, shred them with a mulching mower into small pieces
  2. It may be too late to stop the first crop of weeds, but if you will put down a pre-emergent on your lawn and flowerbeds you will have much less work to do later in the year by stopping those pesky weeds before they start.
  3. It’s time to prune those overgrown shrubs, except for those that flower in the spring; for those you need to wait until blooms are finished before pruning if you want to enjoy this years flowers.
  4. Fertilize your lawn to help it return to its lush green state and give your home a well cared-for look.  A properly fertilized lawn will be healthier, hardier and less stressed when the summer hear arrives.
  5. Add annual color in several areas of your yard. 
  6. After you have finished planting and sprucing up, put down a 1 to 2 inch layer of mulch.  It will give beds a finished look, conserve water and help control weeds.

For those of you that don’t want to spend a lot of money on annual color, consider adding a few containers with seasonal color on porches and in flowerbeds.  This added color will help your landscape pop.  It will welcome visitors and convey your pride-of-ownership.

For those of you new to Texas or if you’re looking to conserve water, go to Texas SmartScape.  It has a wealth of information on plants proven to thrive in our North Texas climate and also great maintenance and conservation tips.

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